My biography
Lìdia Vitale was born in Rome, Italy, the 12th of October. She lived in Amsterdam, Los Angeles and traveled a lot around the world for both work and curiosity, always going back to her beloved city.
She started studying acting as a teen and focused on realizing her dream since then. She has studied and keeps training with members for the actors’ studio for more than 20 years now. Some of her teachers have been Micheal Margotta, Susan Batson, Doris Hicks, Geraldine Baron, Elisabeth Kempt and Mary Setrakian. Micheal Margotta and her have founded the Actors’ Center in Rome.
While she was pursuing her passion for acting mainly participating in thetres production, Lidia studied and graduate in 1999 in Sociology at Sapienza University of Rome. To have an economical sustain she worked in cinema production starting as the assistant of Carlo Degli Esposti from Palomar and then on sets.
As a young single mother, Lidia worked hard not only to sustain her little baby girl but also her dream of being an actress.
She got her first role in 2000, in a Tv film directed by Alberto Sironi “Il Furto Del Tesoro”. The opportunity to get notoriety arrived in 2002 with “The Best of Yought” by Marco Tullio Giordana, where she is one of the protagonists, the magistrate Giovanna Carati. Among the roles for cinema that made her reputation we recall : “Love & Slaps” by S. Castellito; Cose da Pazzi by V. Salemme; Tutti Contro Tutti by R. Ravello; The Dinner by I. De Matteo; Tiger Boy (ten short list, Oscar 2013) by G. Mainetti; Giulia Doesn’t Date at Night by G. Piccioni; The Double Hour by G. Capotondi and in Tv she was Marzia Gullotta, in “Medicina Generale” Season 1 and 2, I liceali 2; Tutta la Musica del cCuore and many more.
Too many the roles that she played to be all mentioned.
In 2000 she challenged herself by directing a theatre piece “A Partcular Class of Women”, written by Janet Feindel and in 2007 she received public founds to direct her first short movie, “Musica per i miei occhi” where emerges the great talent of her daughter Blu Yoshimi (leading actress in “Piuma” by Roan Johnson and “Quiet Chaos” with Nanni Moretti, directed by Antonello Grimaldi). Her short movie received many awards.
In 2015 she created, produced and directed the pilot of her webserie “5 Fathers” with an excellent cast.
Lidia realesed in 2012 in Los Angeles playing Anna Magnani in “Solo Anna”, a one woman show written by Franco d’Alessandro and directed by Eva Minemar. She keeps working in taking on this project around the world with which she already went to NY, Los Angeles, Cleveland, Melbourne and prestigious Italian locations.
Soon we’ll see her in Tulips as Immacolata, the protagonist on a movie directed by Oscar Winner Mike Van Diem; Tutto per una ragazza by A.Molaioli, Start Up by A. D’alatri, Twins by L. Bava; Niente di Serio by L. Barbo and Giustizia all’Italiana by J. Grass with her daugther Blu Yoshimi. In Tv she will be the protagonist on the first episode of Non Uccidere’s second season for RAI.
Lidia is a very passionate actress leading a healthy and joyful life that she entirely brings into her works.
Now she is finalist observer at the Actors’ Studio from LA.