My biography

Lidia Vitale was born in Rome the 12th of October.  She Gradueted in Social Sciences –Communication and Mas Media –  at La Sapienza of Rome and her final paper was Production audio-visual system in Australia. She took part of the studies’ course in Amsterdam.

She worked as production assistent for Carlo Degli Esposti at “Palomar” and on sets to support herself and to deepen into the “cinema machine”.

As a young single mother she has been working hard to support her baby (now well knon actress Blu Yoshimi) and her own dream to become a very good actress.

She has been studying acting since 1989 with several members from the Actors’ Studio as Michael Margotta, Susan Batson, Doris Hicks, Geraldine Baron, Elisabeth Kempt and Mary Setrakian. That made her get the title of finalist at the Actors’ Studio of Los Angeles in the 2011 when she moved there with an 01 working permit to create together with Eva Minemar (liefe member at th Actors’ Studio) Solo Anna: a one woman show on the life of Anna Magnani. Since her debut in Los Angeles in 2012 she travels with her show around the world: New York, Cleveland, Melbourne and in all main italian cities. All the reviews have always been good and now Lidia is committed to realize an international movie on the life of this great artist from the 50ies.

She just came out in theatre in Europe as the leading actress  as Immacolata in Tulipani directed by the dutch oscar winner Mike Van Diem.

In 2017 she released in theatre with , Slam –Tutto per un Ragazza  directed by A. Molaioli and The Start Up byAlessandro D’Alatri and in television in the TV serie Non Uccidere for RAI Fiction.

Coming Soon she will be in theatre with Niente di Serio directed by Lazslo Barbo together with Claudia Cardinale, Actus Reus  by J. Grass together with her daughter Blu Yoshimi, Twins by L.Bava and for television Mario Francese for Tao Due directed by Michele Alaique.

Roles that make her known in movies: Giovanna Carati, the judge in The Best of Youth directed by M.T. Giordana (uncertain regard Cannes 2012); Giovanna in The Dinner directed by I. De Matteo; Delfina in Love & Slaps by S. Castellitto; Romana in Tutti Contro Tutti by Rolando Ravello, Francesca in Cose da Pazzi by V. Salemme, Tiger Boy  (ten short list oscar 2012) by G. Mainetti and many others.

Roles for television: Marzia Gullotta in the two seasons of Medicina Generale for RAI I liceali 2, Tutta la Musica del Cuore, Baiciato dal Sole, Non Uccidere,  etc…

Too many roles in such a versatility to be mentioned here.

As director and producer: in 2016 she realized 3 episodes of a web series with an excellent cast, 5 Fathers and at the moment she’s still developing the project to realize the whole first season; 2 pilots for other 2 web series: Un Pesce Fuor D’acqua (the story of the famous italian chef Masimo Riccioli told through his own recepiets) and Le Gonfiate; in 2007 the short  Musica per i Miei Occhi that won many awards as: best actress for Blu Yoshimi at the Chicago Shorts Film Festival and in  2002  the show  A Particular Class of Women  of the Canadian author Janet Feindel where some now famous actresses as Luisa Ranieri have been discovered.